Monday, 31 October 2011

A Sunday night's thoughts...

Every idiot has his/her days off, I guess last night was one of mine.
This is a fairly short post...

I love being by myself, a lot of people have that in common with me. I
don't think that's how I am naturally though, I was alone a lot
growing up so I got used to it and inevitably fell in love with my

Some days though, and some nights, I'd rather not be by myself. Those
nights when I have nothing to do and memories creep up on me. Isn't it
weird how it's usually the things you've tried your hardest to forget
that insist on resurfacing? Cruel act of nature or whatever the hell
is responsible for that.

All attempts at distracting myself fail at this point. It's like when
you need people most and they do a disappearing act on you. Remaining
positive is something I've realized helps me cope. It's hard to see
the glass as half full (yes,that's cliche,I'm aware) but it's
depressing and pointless to be negative.

So back to last night..I cried. Everything I fear, everything that's
ever hurt me, everything that isn't right, caught up with me. And I
cried. Let's call it a pity party. I indulged like a fat kid at an all
you can eat buffet. There's a lot going on in my life I won't share
with you nosey fuckers, but I will tell you that I have a long journey
ahead of me. It won't be easy, but it will be worth it.

Someone I deem wise told me "You crying means you're afraid. It means
you're not stupid to believe that things are gonna be easy"....So I
cried a little more to be doubly sure that it be known that I'm no
fool. Nanama is NOT a fool (despite what you may have heard).

I'm trying to be strong. I'm scared. I'm trying to be calm. I can't
solve all my problems, but I'm hoping that someday I can look back at
my life and be thankful for the tranformation from where I was to
where I will be :-)

Help me hope. Watch me grow xoxo.

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Sunday, 23 October 2011

"what do girls want from guys?"-Asked by Malota4eva

This dude just wants to kill me. This question must be some sort of trap. I mean,how on earth am I supposed to know what girls want from guys?Have I ever,in any way,led you guys to believe tha
t I have an inkling of how girl
s think?I know,I know,I'm a girl. That's not a fact I can be oblivious to,but
trust me when I say this,I haven't a clue what girls want.

Ok that's not entirely true. I may not know everything I want,but I do know some. I also have an idea about how the few females I hand around with think. So in this post,I'm gonna try my best to answer this question. Note that none of what I say is to be upheld as the truth. I'm just a random girl with no expetise on the matter. I'm just giving my thoughts,
and most of the stuff I write will be the things I know I want from guys.

I'm quite certain every girl wants to be respected,though some girls make it difficult with the way they carry themselves. Even strippers want to be respected. She wants you to just look,no touching. Guys who call females 'bitches' are lower than scum. T
hat,in my opinion, is one of the worst names you can call a woman. 'Hoe' is another,even though some girls indirectly ask for this with the way they behave. It's quite sad really,but it's gotten to the point where you call a girl a 'bad bitch' and she'll be gleaming like you paid her a compliment. Such girls need help yo.(Small akata ^_^).

Most girls are attention wh
ores. They want to be the centre of everything. I lov
e a little attention now and then, but too much and I'll sweat in my palms. Yeah,I'm shy like that. We all want that man who's gonna listen to us complain, that man who's gonna soothe us and calm us down. Some girls have tantrums over broken nails and other dumb shit like that. These are high maintenance girls (who I cannot stand). Some have genuine problems and just need a listening ear. Being sympathetic towards a woman shows you care enough to wanna know what's going on in her life...or that you're tryna get in her pants (some of y'all do that shit,don't even front).

I can confidently say that ALL women want GREAT SEX. Even Nuns. They just can't have any (even though I swear,somewhere in the world,there's a love triangle between a priest and two 'sisters'). A woman's body holds the key to most of life's questions...haha that's a load of bull. It does hold the key to most of life's pleasures though. Answer this; what do rich men and poor men have in common? They all want sex. Problem is, not enough men know how
to properly please a woman. Please refer to my earlier post 'sex sex sex'. You'll
see what I'm talking about. So guys, learn how to please her, explore her body. A lot of women are not outspoken about their preferences in bed and this sort of makes your jobs a little bit harder. But if you're keen on keeping her, the extra effort would be a plus in your favour. You have your tongue (YES!), your fingers and your penis. Don't waste them.

Material girls. You can spot them a mile away. If you're into that flashy type, don't complain when she starts asking for this or that. If you want it,you have to maintain it. Everybody needs money. There are many ways to get
it, but some girls just want it the easy way, from guys. Hey, I ain't judging. You want pussy, she wants money. Pay up. If you can't handle it, pack up and leave. Simple. Unless you're either pussy whipped or in love. Either way, know that when you run out, chances are she's not
gonna stick around for much longer.

Intelligent girls. The nerds. The geeks. We (yes 'we'.I have claimed :p) want a man who will teach us things. Your perverted minds went straight to the bedroom. No honey, that's not what I meant. I'm talking knowledge;facts, myths,new words,news around the world. Whatever thing will interest her and help her grow intellectually. Let her be in awe of your mind. A lot of guys

are going for smarter girls now. I love that. But if you're dumb and proud, you may date a dumb girl so that you don't have to explain shit you don't understand.

I'm sure if I thought about it a little longer, I'd get an endless list of things,but the last one I'm gonna say is this; Girls love guys who can make them LAUGH. If she's laughing when she's with you, you're doing something right. If she's not,well, say your goodbyes. The moment another dude makes her laugh in a way that you can't,you're fucked.

These are some of the basic things I want in a guy. Every other normal girl should want them too. I can't help you when it comes to those that want double penetration,slaps and whip marks. I'm much too young for that chaos -_-

Friday, 21 October 2011

Ask me.

So i'm thinking of letting you guys ask me questions that i'd answer and post back on here. Will it work?You could ask my opinion on something or just ask me random questions. I'd pick the more interesting ones and  ignore the extremely retarded ones. I think that'll help me update my blog more and psych my mind up for proper posts. It's not gonna be like a 'Nanama advises you' column though. I'm not sensible enough, nor do i care enough to wanna help you with your life problems *rolls eyes*....So yeah, ask away.Don't leave me hanging -____-

Thursday, 20 October 2011

alcoholism gone wrong !

I haven't posted anything in a long long time and I'm sorry about that.sadly,I'm not here to blow your mind with some other humourous story of my life. It's not that I've run out,the timing's just wrong for me.
Ok,hold on.I have an alcohol story. It's not funny,it's not long,but I'm gonna tell it anyway cos I errrrrrrrrrrr...I want to.
I know shitloads of people who drink.hell,the azonto girls in my JSS started drinking beer before I knew that boys and girls have puzzle pieces that fit together.What I don't understand is why I can't do it freely.In the beginning,I just had no use for it.I didn't mind that other people drank,plus I could laugh at them when they got so drunk,did and said the raunchiest things,got hangovers and ended up looking like shit:-) Anyway,it was my final year in Uni,my friends and I had just gotten back from Kumasi (repu)and I was just one happy fool.Turns out I was stupid as well cos I went into my friends room and mixed 5zillions parts gin and 1 part coke (I think it was gin :s)It tasted gross but I downed the whole thing in less than a minute or two.Then I went to bed all giggly and horny(I went to bed ALONE)
Next morning,I open my eyes and as I'm laying there,I can feel that there's something wrong.I get up to go look in the mirror and I see a frigging giraffe staring back at me with beady eyes.short,but a giraffe all the same.My skin was all patchy and disgusting.yellow,red,yellow,red -____-It was at that moment that I felt incredibly dumb.I knew my little 'anti-teetotaller' number had caused it but I wasn't exactly why or the severity of it all. Imagine when the hangover started.The worst hadn't even happened yet.
My delusional mind told me I could scrub it off with soap and sponge,so I jumped in the shower,and my GOD!!!!!itching be what!?!?!?!?!*twitches at bad memory*.The very moment the water touched my skin,it set off some kind of chain reaction.The more I scratched,the more it itched,and the redder I got.I swear I looked like a skinny tomato.
Embarrassed,I stayed in my room till night time,when I couldn't ignore the hunger pangs any longer.I went downstairs to my friends' room,half expecting them to notice that something was wrong but nobody did.I'm now convinced I could get pregnant and hide the baby bump from them for months!
Later on,I went back to the source of the alcohol where I found a bottle of that minty powder,talcom,talkan,whatever.Now,I'm in a boy's room ok,with the one who encouraged me to drink (he'd tell the story differently but ignore him,he's a big fat liar ¬_¬)and I rip off all my clothes and beg him to rub the powder on me.ok ok,I didn't exactly have to beg but you get what I mean.At that moment,I promise to God I wasn't tryna tempt somebody's son.He rubbed it on me :-)EVERYWHERE.Remember,it wasn't sexual.It was 110% innocent.He didn't (ok maybe he did) get turned on but I was in no position to care :p He didn't try a fast one either.I'm so proud of him ^_^Could he be gay? O_O or was he not attracted to me? -___-
Aaaanywaaaaay,the fucking powder didn't do a damn thing.I just became a white itching idiot.Then it was off to Pills and Tabs for medicine.I figured if they could help Legon girls avoid getting pregnant with all the postinor 2 they kept in stock,they'd have a cure for the madness I was going through.They didn't.They gave me quack drugs,the bastards.
Of course,I hadn't figured out that it was an actual allergy.I mean,who's allergic to alcohol?What a joke.Apparently,I'm that joke.I got meds finally,but it took about 2 weeks for my skin to get back to normal.I pretty much stayed off alcohol till a week after my 23rd birthday.But Yasmin and Keli had to try and get me drunk.They didn't succeed but I drank enough to tell....:s...oh wait,a future employer might be reading this.
DISCLAIMER:This post,the entire thing,was made up.No,I'm serious (U_U) <----would that face lie to you?
I'm quite done here.Snoozefest?If you think this is boring,I'd introduce you to some dude who used to be on my whatsapp.I nicknamed him 'snoozefest' cos he was so boring,it broke my heart.I mean,for fucks sake,if you've got nothing to say,don't start a chat!
Not that you care or anything,but I've recently discovered that my body allows me to have a glass or two of red wine without rebelling against me.Shall we drink to that? ^_^