Friday, 27 April 2012


Things started to spiral out of control long before 2006, but until then I had been able to find some level ground. From that year though, nothing seemed to work out.

My parents got divorced. My mother disowned me. I started university.

My mother disowned me. Wow.

But that’s not what this post is about. I’ll tell you that story another time…..maybe.

I started university.

Freedom? Yes please.  My whole life, my parents had kept me indoors; no parties, no public vacation classes, no going to a friend’s house just to hang out. “Read”, they said. “We’re protecting you.” The only act of rebellion I managed was breaking my virginity. My dad tried to put him in jail. Another story I might tell you…or not.


That’s what this post is about, heartbreak. Of anyone else, my parents have broken my heart the most, but again, this post is not about them. It’s about a boy. Man, I loved that boy and I don’t even know why. He wasn’t particularly funny or exceptionally brilliant but I loved him anyway.
You can act all tough like you don’t care about love but you’re not fooling anyone. When that person tells you they don’t feel the same way anymore, by god, you will be hurt. You will cry, you will fume, you will over-think things.

It broke me. It broke me. It broke me. I can’t stress that enough.
 It broke me.

To this day, it surprises me just how low I got, I was all the way down. I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t stand people being around me. I’d go to the kitchen to get some juice and end up spending hours on the kitchen floor, crying. I avoided the TV and the radio; what if a love song came on?

Why was it so difficult to deal with it? I mean, my own mother had left me, you would think that that little detail would make this other thing less significant, but no.

 For one I wasn’t expecting it, at all. It was such a slap in the face that I felt dazed. It was difficult to believe. Two, I loved him, I had put my trust in him, fully and without hesitation. Three, there was someone new in the picture.

I had been replaced even before I had been dumped! The things that bit of news did to my self esteem, wow, just wow!! Wasn’t I good enough? Wasn’t I pretty enough? Smart enough? Funny enough? Sexy enough? It didn’t help that the girl he left me for was a family friend. Somebody say K.O.

Knocked the fuck out.

I questioned myself so much that it got to that point where I started blaming myself. If I had done things this way or that, maybe he’d still be with me. If I had been better….

I lost so much weight I had to buy new clothes. Every time I saw him with her I died a million times inside. If it’s possible to lose an appetite that you haven’t had in over 3 months, I lost it. I cried so much that I made my friends cry too.

I forgot how to smile.

What do you do when the one person who cuts you the deepest is the only person who can make you smile?

I looked forward to days he’d come and see me. I prayed for them even.  Was I pathetic? Yes, very.
He had broken my heart but I still managed to love him with every broken, jagged piece.

Fast forward.

He came back.

 It was too late, I didn’t want him.

It’s a funny thing, life.


  1. He Came back but it was too late..You got over him i guess.. this thing called love though..we`ve all had our fair share of the heart break cake..

    Ps. tagged you in a post..

  2. Love is generally bizarre. Sometimes, it's best to fool around and avoid anything serious cuz if you do give your all and in the end he leaves you broken; when you recover and the same incident re-occurs? you'll lose your mind and at one point you'll stop believing. and that's much worse.

  3. This hits soo close to home..